A Breast Pump That Protects Against Bacteria

I knew I was going to have a hard time leaving my baby when I had to go back to work, and I wasn’t wrong. I was able to spend three months with her, but then my maternity leave was over. One of the things that I did before I had to leave her for ten hours a day was research different hospital grade breast pumps. I did not want her to be a formula baby because I knew that there are nutrients that she can only get from my milk. I wanted her to have every advantage in life, and that included having breast milk instead of a mixed formula.

I went online because I really did not know anything about breast pumps. I knew I wanted a hospital grade one though because I did read in one of my pregnancy books that they are the most durable. Since that was the extent of my knowledge, I had prepared myself to look on a number of different websites. I was surprised, and very happy, when I found a website that did all of the homework for me. It is a website that has unbiased reviews of the best breast pumps, and I was not surprised to see that they are all hospital grade pumps.

After looking at all of the top pumps on their site, I knew which one I wanted to go with. The Ameda Elite Electric Pump has a really high rating, and it has some unique features that I was instantly sold on as soon as I read about them. It is the only one that protects against viruses and mold as well as bacteria, which is huge for me. Like I said, I want her to have every advantage, and that meant getting the breast pump that is going to be the safest for her too!