Doing Things That Are Unique is Easy and Affordable

I felt that spending a lot on our wedding would just be unnecessary at this stage in life. My husband and I were both married to other people when we were in our twenties, so we’d both had the big party that cost a lot. Now that we’re in our 40s, that just seemed like something we don’t need. But I knew that I could put together a really nice event that would be unique at a low cost. So, I did things like offering seedling wedding favors that my guests could take home with them, and we even had a cupcake cake, rather than the traditional three-tiered wedding cake that most people get.

I got a lot of compliments at my reception because I tried to do things that were unique and different. Rather than throwing ride or confetti as my husband and I left the church after the ceremony, I had guests open small boxes that each contained one beautiful butterfly to release. I specifically chose Monarch butterflies because they have been disappearing over time, and I wanted to help do my part in bringing them to our area. I ordered from a company that sends them to you, and you raise them until they become a butterfly in adult form. Guests loved it, and everyone felt good about being able to participate in something that helps the earth.

For my wedding favors, I chose plants that I know will grow well in the area without much trouble or fuss. This was easy enough to do. And I even went as far as picking seeds that would grow plants that the bees and butterflies need so that they can live better lives. I chose bushes that the butterflies are drawn to and flowers that the bees like for pollination purposes. I try to live life in a way that helps nature with everything that I do.