Finding Ways to Save Money for Parents of Newborns

Free Pampers Wipes wyb Luvs Diapers!We are new at this and we were hoping that we had set aside enough money to see us through until I was able to get back to work, but money is very tight for us at this particular moment. We are cutting back everywhere that we can and looking for any way to save a few pennies. This morning I found some pampers coupons that are printable and got very excited. I sent the link to my Mom and my mother in law. They can help us out a little with small things like that, but of course we can not ask them to do much more than that. Diapers are a much bigger expense than it had ever occurred to me until now. We are only three months and a week into parenthood and it seems like everywhere you look there is some other expenditure that you need money to pay for.

Kara is going to the baby doctor next week and that is going to eat up some of the money we were using for her baby food and her diapers. So we need to cut back even more and try to save a little more. Jack is looking for some way to make a little extra money and this weekend he is going to do some temp work with a moving company. It is not something that either of us wants and I feel a bit guilty about letting him suffer for Kara and I, but we need the money and Jack is desperate to prove that he can support us without my paycheck. It would be great if I got real maternity benefits, but even the little that the company gives me is going to have to go a long way. I probably need a new job at any rate, but not now.