Magic Shows for a Kid’s Party

My son is going to be turning 9 in the near future, and right now, I am in the process of planning his birthday party. I have already hired someone to make a terrific cake for him; it cost more than I would have liked to have spent on a cake but it is really an amazing cake, so I can’t complain that much. Anyway, I am looking into hiring a kids magician in brisbane as I really think that would add a special touch to the party.

I would only want to hire a magician though, if it is actually going to be a fairly good magician. I do not want to hire a magician that is just going to perform some very basic magic tricks. Additionally, I hope that the tricks will not be widely known, because that could detract from the show as well. And if I am going to be paying good money for this show, then I feel like it reasonable for me to have these sort of expectations about the quality of the show.

Not to mention, my son is very into magic at this point in this life. He is actually getting a big set of stuff for performing magic tricks at his birthday party. So it is kind of fitting that there would also be a magician at the party. I think he is going to get a big kick out of this party. I would like to finish planning it within the next couple of days, so it would be a good idea to try to go ahead and book a magician today. I really hope one will be available for the day in question, because if I can’t get a magician for the party, I am not sure what my backup plan would be.