She Got a Princess Cake

My daughter loves to read fairy tales. She thinks that the world is a happy place where couples fall in love and live happily ever after. She is only five years old, so I do not see the harm in letting her continue to think this. Soon enough, she will realize that her version is better than the reality. Because she does have such an innocent imagination, I decided to give her a really special party on her last birthday. I had found some incredible birthday cakes at and knew she would love the princess castle cake that I had seen there.

The cake is simply beautiful. It has a lot of towers on it, and it looks just like a castle really does. I knew that she would like to have a vanilla cake covered with white and pink icing, and this cake fit all of that. The towers were actually upside down ice cream cones with a drop of icing on the top of each one. The cake itself was two levels, and there were all kinds of fancy things on it designed with different colors of icing.

There were windows, flowers, and even doors that looked like they would magically open. What made it really special was the prince and princess that were on the top of the cake. I knew that would be my daughter’s favorite part of the entire cake. She may only be five years old, but she already has the heart of a romantic. It was not that much money either for all the work that had to go into it. When she saw it on the morning of her birthday, her expression was worth every penny. She told me she is the luckiest girl in the world on that day, but I actually think that I am for having her as my daughter.