We Had Great Fun at Our Celebration

Birthday parties for kids are somewhat different these days from when I was a child. Just decades ago, it was common for parents to simply buy cake, drinks, let the kids play some simply party games, the birthday child opened gifts and everyone was happy. But these days, parties are a bigger deal and kids do want to be entertained. So, with my daughter’s special day fast approaching, I wanted the best of both worlds. I decided to find a childrens magician in Brisbane to entertain the kids. Clowns and magic shows were part of celebrations in the past, and they can be just as entertaining today.

Parents sometimes run themselves ragged at events by trying to entertain children on their own, while also trying to keep everything organized as well. Bringing someone else in to keep all the little ones happy and occupied can make things far less stressful for any parent. Not to mention that it gives mom and dad some time to sit and watch the children having fun, too.

Bringing in an outside source for entertainment does not have to be expensive either. Depending on what you choose, a magician will arrive and show everyone a good time for half an hour, an hour or even longer. Both adults and young ones can be seen smiling and laughing together throughout the performance. I loved these things as a child, and I still do.

I did not tell my daughter what I was planning. I wanted it to be a surprise. When the kind man stood up, beckoned everyone to sit down and then began performing, everyone was in awe. There were a lot of ooohs and ahhhs from everyone. Afterward, many of the kids wanted to know if the tricks were hard, and he even gave some demonstrations on how he does a couple of them!