When High End Models Are the Better Choice

Sharing a home with two other people has meant that we try to maximize all of the space available to us. Since the house is a single story with just a basement, I decided that I would bite the bullet and take the basement as my ‘apartment’. The idea of sharing the the first floor with two other people was not an idea that I found pleasing to say the least. But it quickly became apparent that I was going to need a humidifier for my bedroom due to a sudden number of nose bleeds that I was having nearly every night!

It was terrible to say the least. Waking up with my nose bleeding almost every single day is not an experience that I have found pleasant in the slightest. It took nearly a week for the humidifer to do the job that needed to be done; namely to bring some moisture into the room. On top of waking up with a nose bleed every single day I was also waking up with my skin more dry than I can ever remember it. My skin would be flaking around my mouth and along my T-zone – certainly annoying!

But finding the best product was a hassle. When buying one there are a lot of considerations that have to be taken into account: the filter cost, how often you’ll have to be changing the filter, how big the tank is and how often you’ll be spending cleaning them. There are literally hundreds of different models onn the market and while it’s tempting to buy one of the most popular (cheap, only $44.50 or so), I have found that the higher end models are a lot more quiet and don’t force you to buy a new filter every single month. That alone can raise the cost to nearly $30 a month!